How much is a membership?

    $15.00 Individual
    $25.00 Dual (ex. 2 Parents/Guardians, or 1 Parent/Guardian and 1 Student)
    $35.00 Triple (ex. 2 Parents/Guardians and 1 Student, or 1 Parent/Guardian and 2 Students)
    $5.00 SVSD Employee

    For memberships for more than 3 people please contact

Why join SMS's non-profit Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

  • The number one reason to join PTA is to benefit your child, and in doing so, you also help all the students at SMS.
  • PTA helps build strong working relationships between families, students and the staff at SMS.
  • PTA advocates for school improvements, safety for all children, and uses its funds to support curriculum-based programming and social events.
  • Stay connected and know whats happening at school by joining the PTA.
  • Be heard. Through PTA you can more effectively suggest change.
  • Receive member discounts on tickets, lodging, rental cars, and shopping.

Myths about joining PTA

  • I dont have time to join the PTA.
  • Busted: The PTA appreciates everyones membership. If you are unable to volunteer your time, no pressure! Please consider becoming a member of the PTA and know that your membership dues help fund events and activities for the students throughout the school year!
  • PTA membership never expires, I only have to join once.
    Busted: Each new school year begins a new PTA membership year. Your PTA membership will be good for the entire school year!
  • My childs life will be the same whether or not I join the PTA.
    Busted: Not only does membership put you in direct communication with other parents and teachers, it shows your child that you are interested and invested in their educational experience!
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